Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

Doing my raid prep, like a good little druid.

No idea if the raid will actually happen, given that it's compulsory expenditure, dinner and sex day…

Worgen look damn good in the Lunar pants suit and a top hat. 

Have I introduced you to Halesworthy, yet? He's my second druid, a feral, and he's in his mid-30s right now. He's getting the most playtime of my alts, and I'm seriously tempted to push him onwards towards 85 ASAP.

Oh, and that's the most bizarrely inappropriatley dressed Innkeeper I've ever found in the game with him. She's got a ram stable for an inn – and she's wearing a barely-there dress. I tell you, Northwatch Hold does something to people's heads. 

OK. It's late. It's, what, a year after the first guilds did it? Two months after we should have done, really. Nine of us were level 85. And it still took us two hours of wiping to orbs and defiles. But we did it:

KingslayerAnd damn, but it felt good.

Update: Here's our victory shot, fresh from the guild blog:


McGonigal also argues convincingly that people who like to play online games, far from being social recluses, are perhaps well equipped to make positive changes in the world, and could even solve some of the greatest problems facing humanity. "Games inspire extreme effort," she explains, and create communities that stick together long enough to get things done. Now designers like McGonigal are inventing games that tap into this potential, to direct the colossal effort that gamers represent towards real-world challenges.


From a New Scientist review of Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World.

And we'll get right on to saving the world, once we've finished all this Tier of raiding… ;-)

[Full disclosure: New Scientist is published by my employer]

A couple of people have asked why I've been so quiet since Christmas.

Well, the truth is that I'm on holiday somewhere rather lovely, and been busy doing holiday-related things, which usually don't involve blogging or WoW.

Normal service (as far as anything is normal around here) should kick in next week, so I'll see you all then.

I bet I'll be the only WoW blogger left who hasn't hit 85…

2010 is winding down, with 2011 standing, nervous and eager in the wings. I'm technically on holiday, but I'd thought I'd just round up my top 5 posts of the year by traffic:

  1. I am an unique snowflake – a stupid picture caption post. Everything you need to know about this blog is contained therein… (IIRC, I was linked by WoWInsider for this post.)
  2. My little changing everything pony – I run some estimated numbers on sales of the sparkle pony. I still think it changes everything.
  3. The invisible War Against The Nightmare – a post in which I rail against the lack of reflection of major plot points from the Stormrage book in the game world. Gets lots of search traffic. 
  4. EXCLUSIVE: Blizzard accuses Leafy of Ninajing – another stupid pic cap post, from the Blizz April Fools.
  5. RealID, Social Theory and Blizzard's Community Problems – my token serious post of the year. Some meditations on the direction Blizz is going with its community, trying to take the heat out of the hysteria that built up around RealID.

So, basically, expect more stupid pic cap posts and meditations on current Blizzard events next year. It's all that you deserve. ;-)

Happy New Year, all.