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But because, according to Day, the budget for Season 5 was relatively equivalent to Season 4, they needed to look to other means to supplement the production — thankfully, though, the conference setting offered a natural opportunity to integrate product placement. “The question was ‘Can this add to our universe?’ instead of it just being ‘Please give us some money,’” Day said.


Interesting look at how The Guild is raising extra money for production…

Well, I'm sitting in my (soon-to-be-ex) living room, drinking a nice pint of Tribute, and what drops into my in-box?

Wow. (No pun intended.)

I wonder what triggered that decision. Maybe the renewals for the second year of subscription weren't up to scratch.

The offer, by the way, seems to be a complete set of the paid vanity pets…

worldofwarcraft: Cat Druid Abilities


You have to read the whole thing now. IT'S THE LAW.

Visiting a Transmogrifier will present players with a new interface that will allow them to change the appearance of an item while retaining its original stats. This means that you can raid in your paladin tier 12 Immolation set, but look like you’re wearing Lightbringer, while priests can bring Benediction back – at least in spirit. Hunters can once again roam the jungles of Stranglethorn Vale in their tier 2 Dragonstalker set. You could even slip into the saucy tailored Black Mageweave set for that matter. You know, with the thigh-highs, and the little gloves, and the cute little… ahem.


Finally, all the druids in Stormwind won't look identical. Wonder how many tier sets I have in the bank right now?

Uh, none, probably…