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Worgen look damn good in the Lunar pants suit and a top hat. 

Have I introduced you to Halesworthy, yet? He's my second druid, a feral, and he's in his mid-30s right now. He's getting the most playtime of my alts, and I'm seriously tempted to push him onwards towards 85 ASAP.

Oh, and that's the most bizarrely inappropriatley dressed Innkeeper I've ever found in the game with him. She's got a ram stable for an inn – and she's wearing a barely-there dress. I tell you, Northwatch Hold does something to people's heads. 

Sometimes, I think the random number generator is just being mean. Look at this, my reward from this morning's Headless Horseman kill:

Hhloot1 Hhloot2
Pretty cool, huh? Except – I had every single item in the bag already. Except for the sword. Which I can't use.


(I also don't want to think about how many people who've been waiting years for one of the items in there are now going "nooooooooooo…")

Features a big, bad dragon and lots of things blowing up:


It's great to see so many familiar parts of Azeroth being rendered (and then blown up) and like the Wrath cinematic, the World of Wacraft: Cataclysm cinematic features the main plot points of the expansion's threats (world changed, Deathwing up and having breakfast).

Somehow, though, I preferred the Wrath one. This is a touch too abstract. Arthas was front and centre in the earlier cinematic, and he's a character you could get more of a grip on. Deathwing is more of a beastie, more alien to the human mind, and thus less engaging. 

I am annoyed. On the first day of Brewfest, I snagged the Pink Elekks on Parade quest, and finally got around to doing it (on two toons) over the last couple of days. However, I have hit a snag. It looks like this:

ElekksYes, a nice, clear completion question mark on the map, and it the quest log. Simple.

But when you go to the quest giver:

NoqueryNary a question mark to be seen. A bug, I assumed. But when it was still like that two days later, it was time to investigate. And what did I find? The quest has been hotfixed out in the EU

OK, I'm not going to rehearse last year's frustration that, for some reason, the EU is more squeamish about quests where you get drunk and abuse imaginary animals. That ship has sailed. But leaving a quest in by mistake, then hotfixing it out, while leaving it in people's logs, is just sloppy and annoying.

Blizzard left me happily doing a quest I could never complete. And that's a level of incompetance that I don't experience from them very often.

Poor show, Blizz, poor show. 

So, I remembered that it's Brewfest, which is my favourite world event. Which is good.

And then I thought about getting a guild group together for a Coren Direbrew run. And then I remembered you could go through the dungeon finder. Which is good.

And then I checked my very first goodie package from killing Coren.

BrewfastWhich is good. 

And that means I now have all the Brewfest Achievements, after bagging Brewmaster a while ago. 


Screen shot 2010-09-22 at 22.58.11