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Here's how the new Raid Finder system will work in Mists of Pandaria:

  • The boss dies.
  • The game automatically decides who won some loot, and gives those players a spec-appropriate item.
  • Some players may still get mad, but hopefully they are mad at the laws of probability and not at the rest of the raid.


Fascinating – Blizz are essentially turning one of the conventions of MMoRPG lewt on its head as a result of the rise of random party finding mechanisms.

Blizzard Entertainment announced today that it's reducing the size of its worldwide workforce by 600 employees, a massive decrease for a company that reported 4,600 employees as recently as 2009. However, approximately 90 percent of the reduction will come from areas not directly related to game development, according to the company, limiting the impact on current projects.


I pick my times to return, don't I?

But because, according to Day, the budget for Season 5 was relatively equivalent to Season 4, they needed to look to other means to supplement the production — thankfully, though, the conference setting offered a natural opportunity to integrate product placement. “The question was ‘Can this add to our universe?’ instead of it just being ‘Please give us some money,’” Day said.


Interesting look at how The Guild is raising extra money for production…