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Haven't done one of these for a little while:


Is it just our server, or are 70% of human males everywhere now wearing this hairstyle?


They introduce a whole range of new kitty colour schemes – and you keep running into one that looks like you. It's all white on the night…


And, courtesy of the Bronze dragonflight, this is what Leafy would look like as a human.



Last night, while levelling Ularia from Team Leafy, I came across a chunk of WoW Lore made scenery, by running across Grom Hellscream‘s monument while hunting demons in Demon’s Fall Canyon.

Years ago I levelled Leafy through Ashenvale (I remember spending what seemed like months there), and never saw this once. Now that Forest Song is a genuine quest hub, rather than an annoyingly long run for a single quest hand-in, I’m discovering parts of Ashenvale I never really encountered as Leaf. Nice to know that there are still surprises in parts of Azeroth I thought I’d "done".

What else is there for me to find?