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Thanks to everyone who chipped in with suggestions. Any more for any more?

I've just done a clean-up of my blogroll (far right, for those of you reading on the web; click through for those of you in Google Reader), and it was quite a sad experience. Many of the blogs that I read and interacted with most in my early days of WoW blogging have gone, some of them wiped from the internet completely. Indeed, I'm beginning to feel like an old-timer around here, and that's sobering when you realise that I've only been going two years and change…

However, the good new is that I got to add some new folks:

  • Unbelievably, Restokin wasn't on the blogroll, so Lissanna joins as a Hawt Hybrid
  • Equally unlikely was the fact that The Daily Druid wasn't on the list
  • Brand, spanking new is Rustled Leaves, a rustlin' Respected Resto
  • Joining Kirstimah is Rejuvo, Brian's resto blog
  • And Life in Azeroth has joined the UnDruids category

However, some of those categories are looking pretty anemic right now. The attrition rate on Feral blogs has been particularly horrible. Are you a druid blogger not on the list? Do you know any? Let me know in the comments!

And now an insight into how the greatest minds of the WoW blogging community bring you top-notch content. Yes, it's a excerpt from BlogAzeroth chat:

trizophenie: I'm a druid, I'm like, totally addicted to the emerald dragonflight
destructive sar: like a Blood Elf on mana? 🙂
trizophenie: naaah
trizophenie: It's just because of the relationships of druids with the emerald flight
leafshine: You know what we're saying.
leafshine: *waggles eyebrows suggestively*
trizophenie: Where does a tree have eyebrows?
destructive sar: :-)
leafshine: I can form shift!
leafshine: Plus, you know, moss.
trizophenie: moss is teh evil
leafyblogs: Which means my eyebrows are…EVIL!
trizophenie: noooo… that are Fim's
leafshine: No, his are just wild. Like a party in Ironforge when the gobbos spike the beer.


Update: OK, I seem to have caused some confusion here. I wasn't trying to agree with myself. I was just suggesting that, uh, maybe our chats on BA are less than profound sometimes. And mocking Fim's eyebrows, of course. 

I’ve just begun my grand blogroll tidy-up. Anything that hasn’t posted since March is being swept aside to make way for fresh, new WoW bloggy action. I’ve just cleaned up my Boomkin Blogroll.

If you feel you should be in there, but you’re not, let me know about your blog below!

Update 1: Erdluf suggests Gray Matter, and it’s a good ‘un. Blogrolled and subscribed.

Update 2: Tigerfeet of Secret Agent Cat suggests From Cow to Chicken. It’s a fresh blog, but looking promising…

BringingthewoodI can be a bit obsessive. When I have the chance, I do browse the referrer logs for this blog, and of late I’ve been noticing a small, but steady, stream of traffic coming my way from a new (to me) Druid blog: Bringin’ the Wood.

Jive, the blogging tree in question, exists at a whole other level of raiding from me. We’re 1/6 in Zul’Aman on the non-timed runs. They’re pushing for bear-n-the-chests from the timed runs. I don’t have any T4 yet, Jive is T6ing.

So, for a glimpse of a shiny, distant world I shall never see, I find myself Bringin’ the Wood.


Busy, busy, busy today, preparing for our first, and likely very brief, visit to Gruul’s Lair tomorrow. (We only have 20 people signed up – so it’s more likely to be a tourist trip, than a boss-killing one).

However, I would like to pause to welcome Blood For Life to the druid blogging world. Lonetree is a Tauren druid who is class lead for his guild. Mind you, he clearly has confused loyalties. His third post is about his warlock…

Welcome, Lonetree.