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Today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic Lifebloom is mugged with the nerf bat in Europe, just like it has been in the US.

I have cared about ze nerf of ze Lifebloom in the past. But zis time, I do not care.

The thing is, right, we now have a whole range of healy tree form goodness that we didn't have last time around. Nourish, and Wild Growth and glyphs have allowed much more variety of healing style, allowing us to move away from Lifebloom-centric healing.

I'll keep building three stacks on the tank. But I'm looking forward to hearing the bloom effect a lot more often.

(NB: Actual useful advice available here: Reprioritising Lifebloom)

Dontnerftrees_smallThe Good News

I’ve finally finished updating the Team Tree list with everyone who has added the badge. If, by any chance, I’ve missed you, let me know.

Thanks so much to you all.

The Bad News

We finally have a blue response on the Lifebloom nerf – and it’s about as bad as it gets.

It easy to see why people would view this change as a nerf, but the
truth is that the coefficient was already artificially inflated.

It is easy to see that Blizzard don’t realise that Druids are already viewed as the least viable of the four healing classes in the end game, and they’ve just nerfed us further. I’ll go into this in more detail tomorrow, but at this point I am seriously considering suspending my subscription to the game, as it’s the only way I can directly make my unhappiness known to Blizzard.

I want to go to Karazhan with my guild. I want to go to Zul’Aman iwth my guild. And I want to go as a viable contributor, not a charity case. And I just don’t believe that I’ll be a viable contributor any more after this nerf.