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I haven't had a "bane" drop in Wrath yet – a piece of gear you want, but which just won't drop for you. But I do now. Most evenings, I head into Trial of the Champion Heroic, hoping to get Eadric and this, and all I ever get is this:

Nice outfit and all, Paletress, but howsabout giving Eadric some Hammer Time?


I'm in a slog phase. With the dangling carrot of 80 gone, I'm working my way through Zul'Drak, racking up the cash and XP rep (d'oh), and trying to get groups together for instances.

I suppose my major goals are two-fold right now. Enjoy questing my way through the questlines in the game – and I've been enjoying the "hunted gods" questline in Zul'Drak very much – and get geared up for heroics and Naxx. All good fun, if still slow going right now.

Luckily, the rather lovely Icedragon of Druid Main has done a brilliant post highlighting the best rep items available for resto druids. So, I've been using that as a guide how to direct myself rep-wise as I build towards level 80 dungeons and heroics.

But tonight, it's Drak'Tharon Keep and (possibly) Violet Hold. My first time in both, so it should be a blast.


Like a good little Leafy, I've been busy doing my levelling rep grinds, and have the most sinister penguin in the world and a fishing rod to show for it. Hurrah.

But that's got me thinking – I'm on the path to 80, and want to be gearing up for Naxx. Which reputation grinds should I be concentrating on now that the walrus men love me enough that I don't have to steal puppies for them any more. Which of the tabard-based factions and which of the daily-based factions should I be working on first?

Help a tree out here! Some advice, please, my loyal reader…


So, slightly earlier than expected, I've dinged 72. I had a little time to spare this evening, and ended up doing a Nexus run with some guildies whose healer had been called away. It was a pretty successful run – two wipes (neither on bosses), and all four bosses down. And I've done another couple of blue-for-epic swaps. 

My Signet of Unshakeable Faith, removed from Mr Moroes a long time ago, has made way for Tome of the Lore Keepers, a pretty clear upgrade. And Red Riding Hood's Cloak has been displaced by a quest reward: Mantle of Keristrasza. That makes four Epic to Blue upgrades in a week. Whoa.

There's no doubt about it: I'm going blue faster than expected…

It's been a bit of a bad news / good news 48 hours here in Leafy towers. Let's handle the bad bit first.

Bad News

We raided Zul'Aman on Thursday night. And we did Eagle and Bear bosses on the timer. I was excited, because all the decent resto loot comes from the chests on those bosses. We pushed onwards to the Dragonhawk boss, without opening the crates…

…and my screen froze. I had to force a reboot of the iMac, and it wouldn't restart. The hard drive had died mid-game. It took me 20 minutes to establish that the iMac wasn't coming back, switch over to my MacBook, find the external HD I use for WoW on that, and get logged back in. By which time, they'd gone back and looted the chests, including Elunite Imbued Leggings which went to a paladin.

Now, you can read the other side of the story on Andro's blog, but I think we both screwed up here. Sure, it wasn't a great call to open those chests without being sure I wasn't coming back. But it wasn't a great call of mine to bail from the raid when I discovered what they'd done. And the irony is, of course, that I listened without really reading, which was stupid of me. Because the drop is much more Boomkin gear than druid gear, and wouldn't really have been an upgrade anyway. Useful for caster soloing, but not really for my primary healing role. The combination of losing an expensive computer and then having the apparent loot loss adding insult to injury was a bit much for me – which suggests to me that, emotionally, I've got a long way to go before I regain my emotional equilibrium after the loss of my Mum and all the stress that goes with house clearance and funerals. Grief really works its way into every aspect of your life, and you always underestimate how profound an effect it has. 

Good News

The following afternoon, before I took my iMac in for repair, I had a chance to do some invasion-clearing with Glaive the super-pally and some other guildies, including an alt of Psia's. And I managed to complete my leather invasion set, for kitty-cat soloing and levelling! Hurrah!
Argent Dawn Leafy
I'd been lucky to pick up some leather from Karazhan which our rogues didn't need, but adding Blessed Tunic of Undead Slaying and Blessed Leggings of Undead Slaying to the gloves and shoulders I bought with Necrotic Runes from the last invasion has given me a robust set going into Wrath, which is pleasing. And I do like the look. Very druidy.

Oh, and we went into Kara again last night, and gave Tenris Mirkblood a good kicking, albeit one delivered on the run. So, I have my lovely little vampire bat now.


I thought I knew how this post was going to turn out. I thought it would be all "W00t! I got the two badges I need and swapped my ancient Lifewarden’s Breastplate for a shiny new Shroud of Nature’s Harmony."

And that did, indeed, happen.

But after a tough time with Aran (3 wipes before he want down, one of which was 100% my fault), I thought our run was all but over. We did Chess but at the last minute, decided to go have a quick peek at Prince. And one-shotted him, to everyone’s surprise. And guess what he dropped?

And guess who won the roll?

Clue: that’s a Crown of Malorne adorning the Leafy brow above. 🙂

Two years ago, I never thought I’d see Tier Gear. Even Tier One was
from Molten Core, an instance people from small, friendly guilds like
the Ravens could only hope to see if they put in the time and effort to
go raiding in a 40 man raid alliance. I’ve never had that time, and am not
likely to ever do so.

With the Burning Crusade and Karazan, the very fringes of Tier Gear
became available to us.  And, in Wrath, all the raids will have 10 man
versions. For the first time, all of the content becomes available to
more casual players, like myself. And that’s a huge change. For the first time, the whole of the new expansion is available to me in a form that makes sense. Sure, I might never kill Arthas in a 25 man group, but I should be able to face off against him in a 10 man.) People with less time to  commit to the game, or a smaller guild, are no longer second class citizens. They’re no longer barred from finishing quest chains by the need to get 25 people together regularly. And that’s huge. That’ll keep more people in the game longer. It gives us, as a guild, a real incentive to get our mains levelled once the new game hits.

I’m more excited about Wrath than I was BC, simple because I’ll get to experience more of it. And that’s got to be a good thing.

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(I also bagged the Forestlord Striders from Chess. And they match my new gloves. Glee!)

(And while I remember, I also grabbed the Edgewalker Longboots, which will boost my kitty-cat gear. Hurrah!)