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'twas the night after Winter's Veil, and all through the realm, not a druid was stirring…

Yes, it's BlogAzeroth Secret Santa time again, and this year, my secret santa is Lady Erinia of Moments in the Life of a Death Knight, who brings me a gaily-wrapped post, possibly inspired by one of Aqua's earliest hits:

Sit back,and enjoy:

Dr Jones, Dr Jones!

If you have ever done the level 70 10-man instance Zul’Aman located in the Ghostlands, odds are you have met Harrison Jones. Dr. Jones is a lovable rascal that is modeled after a certain adventure series that contain archaeology bits and Nazis. 

Meet Dr. Jones

Harrison Jones has certainly been around the block a few times in WoW. He always seems to want to, um, “explore” some type of ruins and “discover” and “protect” some treasure. Well, it’s better him than some goblin like Schnottz right? 

After supposedly perishing in Zul’Aman, he popped up again Northrend in the Drakil'jin Ruins for some more…treasure hunting. With the addition of the archaeology profession in Cataclysm, Dr. Jones decided to don his professorship hat and train some would-be adventures in the new profession, but only if said adventures are members of the Alliance.

I’m the coolest Professor you’ll ever know.

All hope is not lost though. If you are Horde, you still get to do the wickedly fun Harrison Jones questline in Uldum which is modeled after a certain Indiana Jones movie. 

His Hat is awesome.

I highly recommend doing the Harrison Jones quests at once when you have time because there are cut-scenes and references galore. You might even get to star in some of the cut-scenes! You’ll get to witness Dr. Jones using his whip to swing around and destroy precious statues, participate in a dogfight (an airplane fight, not a canine fight), and save the Ark of the Cov….I mean the Coffer of Promise from the Naz..errr…Commander Schnottz and Deathwing’s minions.

Long story short, if you are an Indiana Jones fan, then this questline is for you! Who knows? In a thousand years, even you might be worth something! I had a great time doing the quest line and I cannot wait to do it again with my next toon.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you're not reading the quest text in Cataclysm, you are depriving yourself of some of the most amusing moments in the game. This, for example, was in an optional bit of dialogue:

HookThis raised a smile on the face of this druidic old hand:

YoungpeopletodayAnd this just p3wns. In your face:

EelsCataclysm: 1000% more quest text humour.

I am annoyed. On the first day of Brewfest, I snagged the Pink Elekks on Parade quest, and finally got around to doing it (on two toons) over the last couple of days. However, I have hit a snag. It looks like this:

ElekksYes, a nice, clear completion question mark on the map, and it the quest log. Simple.

But when you go to the quest giver:

NoqueryNary a question mark to be seen. A bug, I assumed. But when it was still like that two days later, it was time to investigate. And what did I find? The quest has been hotfixed out in the EU

OK, I'm not going to rehearse last year's frustration that, for some reason, the EU is more squeamish about quests where you get drunk and abuse imaginary animals. That ship has sailed. But leaving a quest in by mistake, then hotfixing it out, while leaving it in people's logs, is just sloppy and annoying.

Blizzard left me happily doing a quest I could never complete. And that's a level of incompetance that I don't experience from them very often.

Poor show, Blizz, poor show. 


Bleedin' Dwarves. Do they really need to yell out that I've just finished a quest about 60 levels too low for me? I mean really. If working on Loremaster wasn't enough of a test of perseverance as it is, having uppity stumpies telling the world of your low-level victory seems, well, just sarcastic, frankly.  

And how come so few of the boars in Loch Modan have intestines, huh? How do they digest? Answer me that.

Dwarf lands are strange.

The next one was pretty predictable, due to some good prep work in Nagrand a couple of years ago:

After that I popped to Dalaran, and happened to be near the Wintergrasp portal as the match began. "You know what?" I thought. "I've never actually done Lake Wintergrasp." So through the portal I went.

That went well. 

Frankly, I still don't have much idea what was actually going on, but I just ran around healing like mad, and that seemed to work just fine…

And after a quick run-through one of the Wintergrasp dailies with Andro, off to Storm Peaks I went to do some daily innuendoes and carry on with the quest chains there. And lo and behold:

Ta-bloomin'-da. 🙂

1 Technically Dr Leafy BSc (Hons) MPhil Phd PGCert, but she's not here to clobber me for not giving her her due… 🙂

So, we now know we’re on a timer. Very literally, in some cases. In but two short months, Northrend will open up, and well be wrapping up warmly (so we feel the benefit) and heading off to the icy wastes to fight the Lord of the Chilblains.

So, what are your priorities for the remaining months of the Burning Crusade? Here’s mine:

  1. Finish outstanding Netherstorm group quests
  2. Finish outstanding instance quests
  3. Get my Netherdrake
  4. Kill Netherspite (mebbe)
  5. Get Onyxia-attuned, before it goes bye-bye.

Uh, that’s it.

What about you guys?


It’s time to be positive. It’s time to stop complaining about the Shattered Sun quests and suggest how it might have been done better. This is what would have improved it for me:

  1. Rep-based Quest Chains: At each level of reputation, a new PvE quest chain is opened up, that would have given us more of the lore behind the Shattered Sun Offensive and Kael’s fall. That’s only four quest chains, and it would have given us something to look forward to after each round of dailies.
  2. Random Dailies: To break the monotony of the quests, have sets of random quests, alongside the progression ones. The mechanism is already there in the instance, Battleground and Fishing/Farming dailies, so it would make sense to extend it to the SSO. A degree of randomness would really alleviate the feeling of doing the same thing again and again.
  3. More Geographical Diversity: The addition of random quests would give the chance of spreading the load a little, spreading the quests right across Outland – or at least anywhere where Kael’s forces have a presence. Time is ticking for Outland, so it would have been nice to have the quests give us something of a "farewell tour".

Those few changes would have made the difference for me. Any other suggestions?