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So, I hear you thinking, why has Leafy hacked together part of his banner and his custom Twisted Nether badge in a distinctly amateurish way? Why has he put Leafshine on Twisted Nether?

Well, my dears, it is a clever visual pun, oh yes, to tell you that I'm the featured blogger on this week's Twisted Nether warcraft podcast.

It's a bit of an Epic episode, at two and a half hours long, but that's understandable in the week that the new expansion hits. My bit starts about 70 mins in and goes on for over an hour… (It didn't seem that long when we did the interview at 6am last Saturday).

Anyway, if you've been wondering why my intial impressions of Wrath haven't appeared here, it's because they're all on the podcast. You can listen on the site, download the file or subscribe in iTunes.

And do let me know what you think.

6a00d8341da3af53ef00e552e4ea7088338So, it’s time for you to make a judgement. Time for you to judge if I’m coherent at 5.30am. Time for you to judge how ridiculous my accent is and the awfulness of the jokes I tell.

It’s time for you to download the second Twisted Nether round table, which features the Annas, Kes, RodentMolester and Krizzlybear. Oh, and a pair of eyebrows and a dorf chick.

You can grab the podcast from the Twisted Nether site, or from iTunes.

You will learn:

  • My dark secret concerning yetis
  • How Leafy goes "splat"
  • Which bloggers think spending $100 on a mouse is a good idea
  • How Nib will save the economy
  • And, most of all, what happens when you buff the raid with a Greater Blessing of Cheese?

All this and more in the latest Twisted Nether!


So, it’s 10am on a Saturday morning. And I’ve been up for five hours. Why?

Well, I was just part of the panel in the second Twisted Nether Round Table. It was a real blast, and I’ll link the podcast as soon as Fimlys, master of eyebrows, gets it edited and posted.

Now I’m off to grind some rep, because that’s all I’m fit for right now.


The latest Twisted Nether blogcast (which is a podcast about blogs, I think. Certainly an improvement on a bogcast, though, which would be about swamps. Or toilets) has hit the internets, and you should listen to it for two very good reasons.

The first is that the main interview is with my long-time internet buddy Siha of Banana Shoulders, and she makes a really interesting guest.

And the second is that it contains at least three distinct references to me. And that’s significantly more Leafy than any podcast has been before… 

Grab it from the Twisted Nether blog, or direct from iTunes.

The latest episode of the ever-exciting Twisted Nether podcast is loose on the internethers. Luckily, Breana got a hunter’s mark on the thing before it got loose and you can download it pretty easily.

The guest star is Part Time Druid, and you can hate him, just like I did, for being a casual player who has actually made it into Black Temple.

Incidentally, I strongly suggest you stop listening before the voicemails. Really goes downhill at that point…

Twisted_nether_2The Warcraft world is growing as rich in podcasts as it is in blogs. I’ve been a long term listener of The Instance, and listen to the WoWInsider show occasionally, as long as one of the people who makes me want to reach through the internets and throttle them due to their their arrant stupidity isn’t on.

But my new favourite podcast (or blogcast, as they’re calling it) is Twisted Nether. This show, by bloggers Fimlys of Asleep At The WoW and Breana of Gun Lovin’ Dwarf Chick, mixes general WoW news with the latest from the World of Warcraft Blogosphere. Bre and Fim discuss both the hottest topics of discussion and have guests from the big bad world of blogs. It’s a niche that’s not really been explored yet, so I’m enjoying listening to them doing so.

You can find details at the Twisted Nether site, or subscribe directly in iTunes. (Apparently you can also subscribe on something called a Zune. But whose ever heard of those? 🙂 )