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Features a big, bad dragon and lots of things blowing up:


It's great to see so many familiar parts of Azeroth being rendered (and then blown up) and like the Wrath cinematic, the World of Wacraft: Cataclysm cinematic features the main plot points of the expansion's threats (world changed, Deathwing up and having breakfast).

Somehow, though, I preferred the Wrath one. This is a touch too abstract. Arthas was front and centre in the earlier cinematic, and he's a character you could get more of a grip on. Deathwing is more of a beastie, more alien to the human mind, and thus less engaging. 

Those poor Stockholm Syndrome sufferers known as my guildmates have to endure my penchant for comedy music (and the Aran Chant) during particularly dull moments on Vent, when half the raid is off looking for the loo or some mead, or just absent because they're passed out in their bananas and custard*. 

They will be unsurprised that I love this video:


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I am a child of the 70s, after all…

*remind me to blog about the bananas-and-custard pull at some point