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Getting wood, old style

Getting wood, old style

What the hell happened to Leafshine?

Dammit, this blog is over five years old – and it missed its half decade anniversary. Silence has reigned for months, with only occasional bursts of activity. What is happening here?

Well, the major reason for silence over the last six months can be summed up thus:

Hazel PoP

I’m on your blog, Daddy

Yes, Dr. Leafy and I had our first child back in the summer and – while I had initial hopes that life might return to something like normal (hence the “countdown posts” that went nowhere…) – it changes everything. Free time has been at a major premium, and WoW has all but vanished off my agenda.

No More Work?

Our baby daughter isn’t entirely to blame. Just over a year ago, I was made redundant from a job I loved, managing a network of 100+ business blogs, and training journalists in online skills. I finally made the decision to try and build a freelance and conultancy career. That’s been going well – but there have been extended periods where I haven’t been able to give myself permission to do anything apart from try and build that career. Rethinking your working lifestyle is hard enough on its own, but when you combine it with having a child and buying a new house, well, 2012 was most certainly an “interesting” time for me.

So, here we are, in 2013, with a beautiful baby girl, a wonderful new house by the sea, and a great new way of working. Where does that leave WoW?

As is stands, Leafy is level… 86. Yes, nearly two patches into the expansion, I’ve managed a whole measly level. Yet, in the last couple of weeks, I’ve done nearly half a level on top of that. Things are shifting; my daughter is sleeping better, there are fewer demands on our time and I feel more free to spend time on fun activities.

My spacebar excuse

Heck, I’ve even played with my daughter on my knee a few times. She’s figured out the space bar and what it does, so all of a sudden Leafshine has turned into one of those Night Elves. Ah, well.

So, no promises of a return to blogging here. No grandiose plans. Just a quick checkin to explain, and let your know that things are shifting a little…

How have you all been?

Leafy at 86

From the official WoW blog:

Once we decided to no longer offer new head enchants, we made the older ones non-functional to eliminate giving players the feeling that they had to go back to older content or miss out on a little bit more power. Head gear is simply no longer enchantable, and you now have one less required step to get a piece of loot ready to wear.

Hurrah for reducing “forced” faction grinds. And double hurrah for ensuring that you don’t have to go back a grind expired content just because your raid leader is a min-maxing dick… 😉