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VerdictashenFinally, I'm back in Icecrown Citadel. The combination of a move and the summer bleeding away players mean that ravens raiding has been in abeyance for about five weeks, but last night was a good night. A pretty clear run through to Festergut, without any boss wipes, and only a single wipe on Rotface, who we dropped for only the second time.

I finally hit Exalted with the Ashen Verdict early in the run, which was nice. I'm hopeful that we'll extend the raid lock-out for next week, and build on the solid learning we did on Putricide. 

So, it's possible that nearly one of you cares how my space goat pallie got on with the quest to hit 40 at the weekend?


I've finally let go of the "completist" approach to questing I had with Leafy – following quest chains to the very end and trying to clear out each zone before I move on. But that doesn't matter with an alt – I've done most of the stuff before – especially as Leafy is within a hair's breadth of being a Loremaster – and given heirlooms and levelling boosts since the days of classic WoW, I'm going to be skipping great chunks of the old world and Outlands anyway. In fact, doing Loremaster has taught me where I can find clusters of quests that can be done quickly and efficiently. And that, combined with Epic riding, meant this:  

 And then this:

Three levels in one day…? Inconceivable!

42 levels done. 38 to go. I think I might, finally, have got the hang of alt levelling… 

This is an almost unbearably exciting screenshot for me. This is Ularia, my space goat pallie, hitting 39, as she did about 20 minutes ago.

This weekend, she will be the first of my alts to reach 40 (bar the cheating Death Knight Boltcracker). My second toon to hit Epic Mount speed. These are exciting pre-expansion time for me.

You see, traditionally I fail as an altaholic. Leafy is pretty much all I play. The observant who followed the first link above will have noted that it has taken over two years for Ularia to gain 12 levels – and she's the fastest moving of my alts right now. But I am running out of things to do with Leaf. Loremaster is in sight, and I do like to fight my way, Boomkin style, through some old dungeons for the Classic Dungeon achievement. And I have stuff I want from Argent Tournament dailies. But these are activities with limited appeal, so the space goat is finally getting some play time again.

Anyone want to bet how high I get her before Cataclysm?

I have a long, ranty post in me about several things, about why I haven't been playing WoW, and how even when I tried to last night, I nearly couldn't.

But for now, I just want to be happy about this:

Yes, last night we dropped Marrowgar for the very first time. Our first ICC kill, and the first time ever that the Ravens have dropped a boss in the cutting edge raid instance.

Pleased? I'd say so.  

What a difference a week makes. Last week, we were celebrating our first clear of Naxx. This week? I headed to bed angry, frustrated and demoralised.

First up, we had a go at Onyxia. We breezed through phase 1, but spent two hours wiping, wiping and wiping again on phase 2. The raid as a whole felt we were making good progress, but I'm not sure I share their faith. It simply felt to me like we lacked the situation awareness, the co-ordination and the communication to make it work. After the two hours were up, our raid leader called it, and we headed off to Naxx to farm some badges and bag the last achievements some people needed for the Fall of Naxxramas

So, we picked military wing, which four or five of us lacked. And the first two bosses when down quick and easy. But the Four Horsemen proved to be our bane. It was knocking on for 11:15pm by the time we got to them, and I was assigned to heal tank the back two, alongside Andro (a mage). And I was made of fail. The first attempt, I missed the void zone completely, and died. The second time, I was faced with moving out of a void zone, and dying from the shadow bolts, or staying, healing and dying from the zone. So I died again.

For the third attempt, they swapped me out for a paladin, but Andro died on the change-over and then all sorts of things went wrong on the taunting up the front. Wipe and call for the night. 

Intellectually, I know that raiding is a swings and roundabouts game, and that, chances are, it'll be better last week. But right now, I'm feeling pretty low.


(Apologies to any Hordies in the Barrens last night. We got… carried away as we passed through)

And finally, we gathered to say goodbye as Psia climbed up into Aldrassil:

Cheerio, mate. Thanks for four years of DPS, disreputable pets, tranquil mechanical yetis, potions and silly, silly roleplay conversations. That's still quite a duck you're riding. And as for the bike: