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Another from the "things I should have linked before now" file:

Back in late December, I joined in the Blog Azeroth Secret Santa, published a lovely gift here, and sent off my own post. And then… nothing. Silence. No response from the blogger. The blogger had, it seems, ceased to blog. And to answer e-mails. Eventually I went to head Secret Santatrix Ophelie and discussed the issue. And she found someone who had never recieved their secret santa gift.

And thus, a slightly embrassed Redhawsk lowered the tone of their blog terribly by publishing my nonsense. The very least you can do is visit it, as a gesture of some kind of sympathy…

A guildie, and good buddy, is a bit of a server hopper. When our server, which is a quiet, RP backwater, can't provide the action he craves, he hops server for a while, and then comes back.

His latest blog post contains something I find utterly inexplicable: a server where you need the Epic achievement before you can join Naxx 10-man pick up groups. WTF? You need to prove that the run is useless to you before you can join it?

Can anyone from a non-backwater server explain?