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So, raided for the first time in a while last night. We dropped Magmaw for the second time – which prompted me to remember that I never got around to posting about the first time. Here's the moment we dropped him:

Magmaw's deathI was actually in tree form for a boss kill! Sad that it's unusual these days…

And here's our team of mighty worm abusers:

So, that's something to celebrate. We managed some decent learning on the Omnitron Defence System last night, too, which was nice. Maybe the others will get them down on Monday, but I won't be there for what could well be our last pre-nerf raid. You see, much in common with the last few months, I've been bouncing from event to conference to country. And next, I'm off to Qatar.

The net result is that I'm in über-casual mode right now, spending more time levelling my pet puppy Halesworthy, than doing development on Leaf. And I'm not reading many WoW blogs or keeping up with WoW podcasts, either.

But I'm hoping all that will change when I get back from Doha. My life resturns to something resembling sense from then onwards (for a while), and myabe Patch 4.2 will relight my fire. 

Oh, Lord. I just made a Take That allusion. Time to end this post.

FesterFallWe had one look at Festergut last week after downing Saurfang for the first time. Nobody was hugely confident that we'd get him down this week – but, on the third attempt, down he went.

As with everyone, I suspect, getting the spores right was our biggest issue. An unnecessary run from the melee pack nearly cost us the final attempt, and some sluggish DPS movement wiped us the try before. 

But actually – I kinda enjoyed the fight. Trees seem well-suited to being in the melee pack, as Wild Growth really comes into its own in that situation. Co-ordinating the healing when one of the tanks reached 7 or 8 stacks of Gastric Bloat was the trick, though, making sure I was rolling HoTs on the tank about to taunt as well as Nourishing the existing tank.

Good fun. Here's the team. Makes me sad I'll probably miss next week's raid. 🙁

It's been a good old week for our guild on the progression front. On Monday night, Deathwhisper went down:

And not long after, we triumphed in the gunship battle on the second attempt:

And then, this evening, on a VoA jaunt after we'd done the weekly raid quest:

Three new bosses in one week. Not bad at all.   

I have a long, ranty post in me about several things, about why I haven't been playing WoW, and how even when I tried to last night, I nearly couldn't.

But for now, I just want to be happy about this:

Yes, last night we dropped Marrowgar for the very first time. Our first ICC kill, and the first time ever that the Ravens have dropped a boss in the cutting edge raid instance.

Pleased? I'd say so.  

It's been a while. hasn't it? 

It's not that I'm not playing WoW – I am. Quite a bit, in fact (as the above shot and the Achievement list to the right suggest). It's just that I'm having fun, without it actually triggering any thought-processes that I actually want to share very much.

I was down the pub on Saturday with a bunch of friends and guild-mates and we were batting this around a little. What's happened, in effect, that everyone who wanted to make the guild more serious about raiding has left in one way or another, to other games, to other guilds, to other servers. And we're back where we started as a guild – casual, having a laugh, doing fun suff and silly stuff and progression stuff as the fancy takes us. 

And when the most logical thing for a team of five 80s to do after this…

 …is this…

 (Our tank one-shotted the poor boss) 

…it feels like the guild is right where it should be. Fun.

So, most people are busy working their way through Icecrown Citadel. Us? Well, we're continuing in the noble tradtion of being two patches behind…

XT-002 Deconstructor went down for us for the first time last night:

Nerf!And so did Razorscale:

I'm glad I got that achievement… my client locked up during the fight and I had to force reboot my iMac. Luckily, the fight was still going on when I logged back in, and about a minute later, the boss went down. phew

And then we continued on to drop Kologarn.

Mind you, I'm beginning to suspect my guildies of chaining heroics. Several of them seem to be wearing full Tier 9 and "the Patient" title… Might make clearing Ulduar a bit easier. 🙂

That said, we decided to have our first ever peek at Ulduar once we were done with malygos.  We went on to drop the first two bosses, one-shotting the Flame Leviathan and two-shotting Ignis:

And then we wondered across to VoA for a quick look. We've only dropped the first boss in there before.

And now, we've cleared it.

That was a frighteningly successful night's raiding. 



OK. I know that many of you reading this had Naxx cleared about 3.4 minutes after Wrath was launched but, for us, a small, friendly, casual guild, this is kinda a Big Deal. We only just finished clearing Kara with any frequency just before Wrath, so this means we're well ahead of where we were a year ago.

Oh, and our first Kel'Thuzad kill was done with 9 people. 🙂

Onwards to Eye of Eternity and Ulduaar!