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A couple of people have asked why I've been so quiet since Christmas.

Well, the truth is that I'm on holiday somewhere rather lovely, and been busy doing holiday-related things, which usually don't involve blogging or WoW.

Normal service (as far as anything is normal around here) should kick in next week, so I'll see you all then.

I bet I'll be the only WoW blogger left who hasn't hit 85…

2010 is winding down, with 2011 standing, nervous and eager in the wings. I'm technically on holiday, but I'd thought I'd just round up my top 5 posts of the year by traffic:

  1. I am an unique snowflake – a stupid picture caption post. Everything you need to know about this blog is contained therein… (IIRC, I was linked by WoWInsider for this post.)
  2. My little changing everything pony – I run some estimated numbers on sales of the sparkle pony. I still think it changes everything.
  3. The invisible War Against The Nightmare – a post in which I rail against the lack of reflection of major plot points from the Stormrage book in the game world. Gets lots of search traffic. 
  4. EXCLUSIVE: Blizzard accuses Leafy of Ninajing – another stupid pic cap post, from the Blizz April Fools.
  5. RealID, Social Theory and Blizzard's Community Problems – my token serious post of the year. Some meditations on the direction Blizz is going with its community, trying to take the heat out of the hysteria that built up around RealID.

So, basically, expect more stupid pic cap posts and meditations on current Blizzard events next year. It's all that you deserve. 😉

Happy New Year, all. 

All change! 

Cataclysm is here, and changes are in the air. There's whole new looks:

New friends to make:

NewfriendsAnd thus, time for a brand new Lust for Flower!

Out goes the Borean Tundra backdrop and old-style tree form in the header. In comes a new, Cataclysmic header, with the new look Leaf, and a whole new blog design to go with it.

Whaddya think?

Since Typepad, the blogging service I use, have made it so very easy to add Facebook's new Like facility to this blog, I've done so. Off to the right is a button which allows you to Like Leafshine: Lust for Flower, and then any posts here will appear in your Facebook News Feed.

Neat, huh?

Note to self: don't announce your return to WoW just before you go on holiday. It only makes you look stupid.

So, I'm back from holiday to find out that Typepad, my blogging platform, have had the decorators in while I was away and everything looks different. But better. So I'm just playing around with the platform again. 

And stuff.

Anyway, I have a long post in the works about the way I would have liked Wrath to have played out, but you'll have to wait for that.

So, um. 


Just a quick apology to anyone who has left a comment here recently. There's a technical problem at my blog host's end that means that names on comments are not correctly showing as links through to the commenter's blogs.

I'm assure that Typepad engineers are "working on it", and that the missing URLs will be restored soon.

Apologies about that. 

Just a reminder that I'm generally a "spoiler-free" player. I don't go on the test realms, and I try to avoid anything but the most basic information about patches until they go live on the servers.

So, this blog will most certainly NOT be your source for all things 3.1-related. 🙂

So, 2008 is done. It was the first full year of this blogs's life (I started in late 2007), and it's been a pretty good year, despite some very patchy posting in the summer, due to my Mum's death and some guild drama that followed it, and the end of the year, due to general exhaustion.

Interesting, this blog now has 50% more RSS subscribers than One Man & His Blog, my 5 year old main blog, but consistently gets lower page views. That suggest, I think, that the WoW audience is generally more web-savvy than the audience for material about the interaction of blogging and journalism. I'd like to see more people clicking through from feed readers and joining in the debates in comments on all WoW blogs, not just this one, but I've no idea how we can make that happen.

Anyway, onto the most popular 10 posts of 2008, ranked by page views:

  1. Bloggers Against the Lifebloom Nerf – Back in February, druids (and those hoping to be healed by druids) were up in arms about a proposed nerf to Lifebloom. This was my rallying post to campaign against it, and we won. Eventually, Lifebloom did get nerfed, but as part of a complete revamp of our healing, so nobody minded as much.
  2. Are Resto Druids up to Healing Heroics? – A really nasty Slave Pens run lead me to wonder wether Resto Druids were really up to healing Heroics, and the constant search traffic for this entry suggests that I'm far from the only person to wonder that. And then Blizz gave us a proper rez and another group heal, and the doubts went away.
  3. New Wrath of the Lich King info – What About Druids? – Back in March I speculated about some nice things druids might get in the expansion. And people searching for info on Druids in Wrath kept arriving at my (wrong) guesses. Poor them. 
  4. World of Warcraft is a Social Operating System – I think this was my best post of the year. A long, and considered (for me) post about the success of WoW, and the social factors that now give it a degree of stability in the top spot. Maybe I should write more serious, thoughtful stuff like this. 🙂
  5. Guild Drama and Server Changes – Grabbing something positive out of the absolute low point of my gaming year. About a month after my mother died, some idiotic, socially-inept (and now former) guildies made it impossible for me to stay in the guild I co-founded. I ended up taking a couple of months on a different server – and, in effect, a couple of months off playing. That period of my life was so unhappy, even seeing that post again brings me down. 
  6. Don't Nerf Trees: Thanks to Team Tree – a list post of all the bloggers who carried the anti-Lifebloom nerf badge.
  7. Installing Wrath of the Lich king: What to Expect – I'm amazed to see this in the top 10. It's just a series of screen grabs of the install process for Wrath. The things people like…
  8. Druids vrs BRK: First Blood – in which the weight of bear, tree and laser chicken brings down the Big Red Kitty server. That, or the dodgy bits in the WordPress code. 🙂
  9. Wrath of the Lich King Collectors Edition Unboxing – A video, which one of my guildmates recently described as "shit". The traffic figures suggest otherwise.
  10. The Curse of the Enchanter – In which I complain about a mailbox full of material to disenchant, which WoWInsider than follows up on. It's interesting how few WoWInsider readers actually click through to source blog posts, though…

One year ago, yesterday, Leafshine: Lust for Flower was unleashed on an unsuspecting WoW-blog reading public. Readers flocked here in their 10s, buoyed by the useful information found on sites like Pesto4Life, Big Bellicose Buffoon Blogger and the like, expecting more well-written, useful content. (Although some people came here from Feed More Page, mainly because I made licentious suggestions about Ratters and beards. But that’s another story entirely.)  And they have been recoiling in horror at the half-arsed mish-mash of irrelevance and all out nonsense that’s been pouring out of the small, insipid organ that’s called my brain ever since.

And yet, mysteriously, I now have hundreds of RSS subscribers and tens of thoudands of page views. There can only be one conclusion: there’s a significant subset of WoW players who have no taste at all. And I love every single one of your for your total lack of taste. 🙂

The blog was (quite literally) two years in the making, with the name and idea sorted out pre-Burning Crusade. Two short-lived false starts later, I finally buckled down and got on with it last September

And here and now, I make a commitment to you: I shall continue to waste your precious time with more flippancy, irrelevance, stupid photos and sudden, unexpected long, rambling essays for at least another year. I am so very good to you, aren’t I?

Thank you for your attention. You may now return to your regulalrly scheduled Wrath launch date announcement frothing.