Two years away – and they nick your gear as soon as you get back?

Leafy doing some hard(ish) porridge
I’m innocent, I tell you, innocent!

I don’t know. This flubbergubbing island holiday to scenic Kul’Tiras is really not panning out the way I planned.

This has been a bad few weeks.

First – they torch my childhood home:

The burning of Teldrassil
Elfing while the world tree burns

And then they nick my gear – including my shiny new necklace.

Getting the heart of azeroth
It’s mine. My precious

Is this any way to welcome me back?

Yes, I’m back, after another two year gap. And I’ve managed to corrupt my archives in that time, meaning there’s some slow rebuilding ahead.

But Leafy is back in Azeroth and Battling away. How the devil are you?

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