Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

The problem with dropping out of WoW life for about 18 months is that certain things have just gone away. Like my guild, for example – but more on that later.

Another thing that went away completely was Google Reader – killed off last year by the Big G. Luckily, I had the foresight to take a few minutes to dump out my RSS subscriptions via Google Takeout, and I had them safely stored away in my Dropbox.

So, one quick sign-up with Feedly later, and my feeds are coming in…

Upload that XML

Importing the OPML files


Now my old WoW RSS feeds are up and running again, and looking rather magazine-like:

WoW Blogs in Feedly

WoW Blogs in Feedly


It’s as if 1,000 blogs cried out and were silenced

Well, a lot of them have died. I’ve always known that the attrition rate amongst WoW bloggers is high, but it has been utterly brutal in the 18 months since I was last reading them regulalrly. It looks like the vast majority of the blogs in my reader are defunct, or on very long term hiatus.

And there’s worse than that. Some of them have gone away and been replaced by… something else. The defunct Mama Druid now looks like this:

Mama Druid no more

Mama Druid no more

And the wonderfully named Laser Chicken is now, well, foreign to me…

Laser Chicken goes foreign

Laser Chicken goes foreign

Time to rebuild. Any recommendations?