Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

Here's how the new Raid Finder system will work in Mists of Pandaria:

  • The boss dies.
  • The game automatically decides who won some loot, and gives those players a spec-appropriate item.
  • Some players may still get mad, but hopefully they are mad at the laws of probability and not at the rest of the raid.


Fascinating – Blizz are essentially turning one of the conventions of MMoRPG lewt on its head as a result of the rise of random party finding mechanisms.

  • Dale

    Quite clever – until you win that same piece of loot 13 times in a row… and your mate wins nothing.

  • Well, the RNG is always going to be an issue – this is an acknowledgement that different mechanisms are needed in different social contexts. And minimising room for disagreement in a party of strangers is no bad thing.

  • Tazor

    When is Blizzard gonna figure it out??

    RNG = NO FUN

    Keep polishing the turd…..

  • The RNG can be fun – waiting a few runs to get the drop you're hankering after can add to the pleasure when you get it.

    It's when you end up on the wrong end of the bell-curve. I've been through months of raiding when nothing appropriate for a resto druid, and I lots every roll on general healer items. And that was horribly unfun.

  • So, this design does exactly the same thing as the old one only … faster?

    This might be a somewhat easier-to-swallow design change if it gave everyone SOMETHING that was valuable for the run, but just picking a random subset and rewarding them based on no choices by them, then saying, “Run it again if you didn’t like it?”

    It’s like they saw Warhammer Online’s public quest system and said, “Yeah, we want to do that, except without even the pretense of rewarding people for playing!”

  • Same net result, but without the player to player QQing, I think. As nobody can choose to roll, you can't have recriminations and ninja accusations thrown around.