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Molton DoneI really, really wanted to like the Molten Front stuff, I really did.

Parts of it were great. I liked the silly Mylune quests in Hyjal, and the random NPCs in Setheria's Roost. I quite enjojed peak-hopping via spider's webs. But the whole Druids of the Talon area is just damn painful (I've only once got through the intro escort without dying on the way), and the much-vaunted random quest mechanism just didn't have enough variety in it. I made a big mistake by opening that up before the Shadow Wardens stuff, which was much more fun. 

In the end, there was far too many "kill x of y" and not enough interested and innovative mechanics. The "rune dash" area and "bird collection" quests were the only ones that struck me as noticably new in feel and tone.

I admired the concept, and struggled through the execution.

Finally, I opened up the last vendors and grabbed the ring I needed to push me to iLevel 359 in my healing kit. The screenshot above seems to have captured the Ancient in mid-Phase…


  • I am still going through it. On the last vendor with only a few of the achievements left.

    I agree with you completely about D.O.T questing area, so far I have only done it once as I opened up the Wardens first. It felt so segmented and clumsy in comparison to the Wardens that I haven’t felt the urge to go back and visit. I suspect I will have to do it for the bombing achievement but it isn’t something I relish.

    I felt that it didn’t entirely come through on it’s promise for “dynamic questing”. The impacts on scenery, certainly within the Molten Front, could have been missed entirely if you weren’t either zoomed out or looking for them. It would have been nice if on your progression trail the core dailies changed reflecting the gaining of footholds.

    Having said all of this, it is far superior to the Argent Tourney and Tol Barad dailies which felt incredibly stale and static, so at least Blizz has made some progress. I used to begrudge both previous areas whereas Molten Front doesn’t bother me all that much.

    So yeah, It is ok but Blizz could have done more with what they promised.