Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

Wow. A whole month without posting. March missed completely. That's only happened once before on this blog – I missed the whole of November 2007, too. But March 2011 was a dead zone on this blog.

And I'd like to thank you all for your concern and enquiries after my health or status with regard to the game. I'd like to, but I can't, because nobody cared. sob

However, I'm aware other people have bowed out of WoW while I've been away and – frankly – I came damn close to quitting myself. I hope to find the time tomorrow to blog about that, what caused my flirtation with /quit and what has (for now) brought me back from the brink. But for now, here's a few screenies, just to prove that I have been doing something.

The Useful

HammeredHello, shiny belt.

The Unexpected.

Kinda freaky. A bit psychedelic, in fact. But just an unexpected achievement from buying the latest guild perk recipe

GourmetHave chef's hat. Will achieve. (Been doing my dailies, like a good little tree)

The Slightly Shameful

Uh, yeah. That's the normal Stonecore achievement. At, um, 85. With heroic level gear. cough

  • Welcome back! Looks like you’ve been having some fun. And by the way, Stonecore, notsofun, so no coughing hehe.

  • I only got Throne of the Tides (normal and heroic) a couple of weeks ago! 😛

  • It’s not going to be winning any awards, is it?

    “Right, we’ve got Millhouse Manastorm back. What else?”
    “Oh, you know, tunnels, cultists, bosses. The normal. Just phone it in.”

  • I got normal Thone of the Tides a while back, but I’ve yet to do it on Heroic.

    Or Blackrock Caverns.

    Or Halls of Origination.

    Or Grim Baton on normal or Heroic.

    Lots to do…

  • I cannot wait to level my priest so I can get into the new dungeons…*sigh* only 50 or so levels to go!