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Worgen look damn good in the Lunar pants suit and a top hat. 

Have I introduced you to Halesworthy, yet? He's my second druid, a feral, and he's in his mid-30s right now. He's getting the most playtime of my alts, and I'm seriously tempted to push him onwards towards 85 ASAP.

Oh, and that's the most bizarrely inappropriatley dressed Innkeeper I've ever found in the game with him. She's got a ram stable for an inn – and she's wearing a barely-there dress. I tell you, Northwatch Hold does something to people's heads. 

  • Aye the inkeeper in Dalaran also had scanty duds. The one in the neutral in..our orc gal has lots of clothes on, thankfully.

  • Inn…not in…I need more coffee today, jeez.

  • That is so funny, I was also thinking about rolling a second druid and making him Worgen and feral! I’ll go for it if I ever save up the JP I need to get him all of his heirloom gear. 🙂

  • Because we know fashion is the most important thing in WoW. I’m not entirely kidding 🙂