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Where are the blogging protocols or standards of practice for us medium sized bloggers? Huh? On behalf of medium sized blogs, I am offended! How have I even continued blogging for over 3 years without standards of our medium sized blogs' very own? /boggle! and /flail!


Oh noes!

Does this mean we need to develop a "long-running but niche and frankly a bit lightweight" bloggers' code as well? /treepanic


More seriously, to all those out there involved in this "blog drama" . Guys. Guys. Listen.

This is not new. Every blogging community goes through phases like this. (Those who do not know their blog history are doomed to repeat it… 😉 )

And the solutions always pretty much come down to this:

  • Your blog is your space. Post and link as you see fit
  • Run your comments according to the living room principle: only allow discussion in a manner you would allow in your own living room
  • Feel no compunction about not publishing hostile or aggressive comments on your own blog. It's your space remember. Commenters are guests in your web "home"
  • Develop as thick a skin as you can muster. Publishing in public will attract criticism. That's life. 

Any attempt to develop any form of bloggers' code, bar it be a personal one, is doomed, because there is no real way to enforce or widely communicate it. 

In the end, I agree with Ama when she says:

No, you can't control what is said at other people's blogs about you/your blog, but you can choose to respond to it or ignore it.

You can't control others. You can only control your response to others. And that's a vital skill in public discourse, m'kay? 😉

Anyway, I doubt any of those bloggers, big or small, actually read this, so I'm probably just wasting electrons here. Back to the normal fripperies…

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  • Because I’m terribly slow at catching up on my reader and rely on Twitter to tell me about blog posts so much, I’m usually late to the party. From the outside looking in, though; it does seem like this is a cyclical process.

    It’s not just the blogosphere, either. All communities–heck, all relationships–tend to cycle through drama. In the end you either walk away from it having cleared the air and maybe learned something or you walk away angry and bitter. How you react is up to you!

  • Hee hee! Leafy I say we start writing our own code for us long standing medium sized bloggers!

    I think mine would include an inordinate use of ellipses… (har har) and unnecessary exclamation points. Mmmm maybe for me also not even writing about WoW specific stuff most of the time and having a slight fascination with maps.