Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

You know, I may be about the only "game tone" WoW blogger left who hasn't done the squid head post. Look – even Keila's done it now

So, here you go:

ShuidhEADAnd the nice thing about being a druid? You're not restricted to one squid hat image:

SQUIDHEAD2I think it looks particularly stylin' on a Boomkin, myself. Owls, bears and squid: you know it makes sense.

  • LOL. Now I’m jealous. Why didn’t I think of trying it in all my different forms? I think I spit my lunch all over the screen laughing at the Boomkin image. That is so awesome 🙂

  • Ahahhaaaa!! (breathe, breathe Ang!)
    Completely awesome on a Moonkin, agreed! xD

  • You know, it DOES make sense on a moonkin.

    Calamari AND hot wings! ^^