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I'm back from my holiday!


Good News, Everybody!

A ding:


Could it be…?


Bad News, Everyone!

When portalling to Uldum to do that fun little daily…


(It was quite fun watching people phase in, die, get the achievement. Nice pile of bodies by the end…)

  • Why is it bad news getting fried by Deathwing? I want it (pouts jealously). Gratz on both.

  • Wulfy

    Gratz on 85! Shame you later died horribly on fire… wait – you rezzed. So it’s all good! 😀

  • It’s all in the point of view – for Adam, it’s great news.

    For Leafshine, the success is marred by the whole “flesh being burnt away from your bones by the molten breath of Deathwing” thing… 🙂

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