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5238833831_f51fe28613_o It's Cataclysm week.

In mere hours, the first of us will leave Northrend behind, and make our way into the new areas of the Shattered Azeroth where heroes are needed. We'll learn new skills, and face new challenges.

For the last two expansions, I've been in the forefront of those people, online as soon as the servers came up. Leafy lagged her way through the Dark Portal into Outland the moment the servers came up. She took to boat to the Howling Fjord in similar style.

But not this time.

Leafy will be sitting this one out, at least for a while.

I'm in Paris, as an official blogger for Le Web, an European web conference. My copy of Cataclysm is Not Here. And neither is the time to play.

And so, the earliest Leafy will take her first steps into Hyjal will be Friday. Enjoy the new expansion, friends, and leave some quests for me…

  • I know, I’m a bit late… but I was so crazy about the Cataclysm I couldn’t focus. I hope you had a great time in Paris!

    Can I ask if you keep a personal blog where you just toss stuff?