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Don't you hate it when you have everything lined up for a lovely, lovely ding screenshot – and somebody flies into shot at the crucial moment?

Leafy81Gee, thanks.

I made sure that didn't happen for the 82 shot:

Which mean that, yes, I'm at 82 and levelling nicely. And yes, I'm taking my time. If we're two years from the next expansion, I don't see any point in blowing through all the levelling content in the first week. That just seems like an utter waste to me. 

Even so, I'm hitting the levels so much faster than I did in Wrath. Ding 1 took 24 hours. Ding 2 a further week. But as we're only getting 5 levels this time, I'm at the equivalent of ding 74, which took over six weeks.

I'm really hoping that Blizz has the next expansion in a state to release in significantly under a year, or that the content patches bring a whole load of extras, or this will be a really quickly consumed expansion…

  • Gratz!

  • Grate on the dings 🙂

    I share your concern about the longevity of this expansion. The levelling from 80 to 85 is very fast, and it just seems that once you’re 85 you’re back to the same old same old – heroics, dailies, etc etc.

    As a big fan of the questing and levelling side okf things, I wonder where I go at 85…