Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

2010 is winding down, with 2011 standing, nervous and eager in the wings. I'm technically on holiday, but I'd thought I'd just round up my top 5 posts of the year by traffic:

  1. I am an unique snowflake – a stupid picture caption post. Everything you need to know about this blog is contained therein… (IIRC, I was linked by WoWInsider for this post.)
  2. My little changing everything pony – I run some estimated numbers on sales of the sparkle pony. I still think it changes everything.
  3. The invisible War Against The Nightmare – a post in which I rail against the lack of reflection of major plot points from the Stormrage book in the game world. Gets lots of search traffic. 
  4. EXCLUSIVE: Blizzard accuses Leafy of Ninajing – another stupid pic cap post, from the Blizz April Fools.
  5. RealID, Social Theory and Blizzard's Community Problems – my token serious post of the year. Some meditations on the direction Blizz is going with its community, trying to take the heat out of the hysteria that built up around RealID.

So, basically, expect more stupid pic cap posts and meditations on current Blizzard events next year. It's all that you deserve. 😉

Happy New Year, all. 

  • Dale

    So, umm… where is the new year post?!? Or do trees not celebrate having all their decorations removed on the 6th of January? =)

    Feed me, Leafshine! I want to SeeMore!