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Ladies and gentlemen, if you're not reading the quest text in Cataclysm, you are depriving yourself of some of the most amusing moments in the game. This, for example, was in an optional bit of dialogue:

HookThis raised a smile on the face of this druidic old hand:

YoungpeopletodayAnd this just p3wns. In your face:

EelsCataclysm: 1000% more quest text humour.

  • I LOVED that second one, I swear I fistpumped right here at my desk when it popped up on Jess

  • Anea

    … I need to get to Cataclysm levels so I can see all the hilarity!

    (Although that person in the first one isn’t IMPALED on the meathook, right? Otherwise that one is the most win, but I’m afraid to like it too much for fear I’d be liking comments from an impaled person. And we can’t have that.)