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Features a big, bad dragon and lots of things blowing up:


It's great to see so many familiar parts of Azeroth being rendered (and then blown up) and like the Wrath cinematic, the World of Wacraft: Cataclysm cinematic features the main plot points of the expansion's threats (world changed, Deathwing up and having breakfast).

Somehow, though, I preferred the Wrath one. This is a touch too abstract. Arthas was front and centre in the earlier cinematic, and he's a character you could get more of a grip on. Deathwing is more of a beastie, more alien to the human mind, and thus less engaging. 

  • Deathwing may be more alien, but I found the destruction of so many familiar and well loved landmarks to be far more engaging than trailers for the other expansions … this one really does feel personal.

  • Bre

    I can see what you mean, Leafy, but something about this really hit me.

    It really felt personal to me and make me actually get a little teary watching familiar lands become decimated by him. It kept bring up memories of when I was there and what I had been doing, only to see them destoryed.

    Now, Wrath’s cinematic didn’t have that much of an impact on me. I think it really may be because I never played WC 3 or really saw his descent. Watching it was just some dude with issues trying to take over the world. If I had played WC 3 I really believe I would have had a different reaction.

  • I didn’t play WC3 either, but the father/son dynamic, the very clear link between Teneras’s words and Arthas’s betrayal of them was quite moving emotionally for me.

    Deathwing blowing shit up? That was just kinda cool. It’s interesting – I clearly don’t have the same emotional attachment to the lands themselves that you and Bin are displaying. Different people attach to things emotionally in different ways, and that’s going to color reactions to these sorts of cinematics.

  • Bre

    Agreed. Each of us have our own buttons that when pushed make connect with one thing or the other. 🙂

  • “… I clearly don’t have the same emotional attachment to the lands themselves …”

    Some Druid you are! Clearly the loss of your foliage has turned you to the dark side.

  • I don’t even play WoW and I still peed a little.

  • I believe you can get special underpants for that…

  • Response 1: I’m not a druid, I just play one in a video game. 🙂

    Response 2: Caring about rocks and water and things is more of a Shaman thing in WoW. Druids are all about the living creatures. Indeed, they spend a good chunk of their time hanging out in a different dimension with a different landscape, to help care for the spirits of living things…

  • I may have laughed just a bit at the Alliance when Deathwing landed on SW. (Couldn’t he have destroyed it right then…PLEASE?)

    But yeah…I was a little upset at viewing the destruction of some beloved landmarks.

    Overall, however, more emotions would have been raised had I seen some people gettin’ hurt.