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Sometimes, I think the random number generator is just being mean. Look at this, my reward from this morning's Headless Horseman kill:

Hhloot1 Hhloot2
Pretty cool, huh? Except – I had every single item in the bag already. Except for the sword. Which I can't use.


(I also don't want to think about how many people who've been waiting years for one of the items in there are now going "nooooooooooo…")

  • Triz

    My hunter had the helm and the sqashling in her bag today… which she already had. My druid still needs them. RNG is weird.

  • I have never gotten the blade (not even on my shaman). However, I have three characters with the horse. But of course, not my (former) main.

    And I have one character who has yet to get That Sparkling Smile!

  • nooooooo…

    I have one more week, I can still get it.


  • Lady RNG has a wicked sense of humor. Did the same thing to me this morning, except of course for the reins, since I don’t have those….

  • /Cry
    I’ve done him on two characters almost every day, and have only seen the reins once 🙁 All this talk about mounts falling from the sky is all lies, I tell you!