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When a screen came up like this four years ago, I was filled with excitement. WoW 2.0 was on its way, heralding the immanent release of The Burning Crusade – and the arrival of tree form for resto druids. And now that screen is back, and I stare at it with melancholy (and a little over-tiredness and over-whisky consumption when you come to that), because it marks the beginning of a profound change to the restos. We are trees no more, now the druid who heal in caster form, and get to show our full arboreal glory only once in a while. 

It’s a new world. It’s WoW 4.01. And I’m not sold on it – yet.

  • Change can be good and bad. I’m sure you’ll miss tree form but I’m also sure you’ll find new neat things to enjoy. :]

  • Bad blizzard, BAD BAD BLIZZARD.

  • Well, there’s the rest of this whisky bottle for a start… 🙂

  • They’ve been a very bad computer entertainment company.

    They need to be punished…

    …this is turning into the start of a really strange erotic movie, isn’t it?

  • Yes indeed.

  • The title made me feel sad… I organised a big ToL fest on Lightbringer yesterday evening but now it’s really gone… and when we get the new visual on our cooldown the old Broccoli man will only exist on old screenshots…