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Cynwise’s demons are part of her, part of her character.  Her relationship with each one of them is complicated and unique.  Part of the story that I’ve spun as I’ve played this crazy game has been around those demons; lesser characters, but characters in their own rights.  They make each warlock unique; no matter how you try to replicate them, the demons distinguish them from each other.

But now, without warning, that part of my character is gone.


Great post from Cyn, that strikes at the heart of what worries me about this patch. Intentionally or otherwise, Blizzard has swept away things that gave people an emotional bond with the game, from tree form to warlock pet names.

Their behaviour suggests to me that they're losing sight of what makes people love the game, rather than simply enjoying its mechanics. And if they keep doing that, WoW 5.01 might see a much reduced population.

  • Bruce Baugh

    The warlock pet name change actually turned out to be a bug. They’ll be fixing it, and can restore all the pre-4.0.1 names with an option for new names for the warlocks that want it.