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I am annoyed. On the first day of Brewfest, I snagged the Pink Elekks on Parade quest, and finally got around to doing it (on two toons) over the last couple of days. However, I have hit a snag. It looks like this:

ElekksYes, a nice, clear completion question mark on the map, and it the quest log. Simple.

But when you go to the quest giver:

NoqueryNary a question mark to be seen. A bug, I assumed. But when it was still like that two days later, it was time to investigate. And what did I find? The quest has been hotfixed out in the EU

OK, I'm not going to rehearse last year's frustration that, for some reason, the EU is more squeamish about quests where you get drunk and abuse imaginary animals. That ship has sailed. But leaving a quest in by mistake, then hotfixing it out, while leaving it in people's logs, is just sloppy and annoying.

Blizzard left me happily doing a quest I could never complete. And that's a level of incompetance that I don't experience from them very often.

Poor show, Blizz, poor show. 

  • Bastards.

    /wave foliage in support of teh leafy