Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

So, the short, heartless individual going by the moniker Gnomeageddon has a post up, seeing how many love children he and other prominent WoW bloggers have.


Still, I'm not a bitter tree, so I can move on from HIS CALLOUS and VICIOUS NEGLECT, and just do the damn research myself. So, let's see: how many Leafshines populate the US servers?

2 Leafshines on US Warcraft Servers

Two? TWO? And one of them isn't even a Druid? Awful.

Surely my EU compatriots will be following in my footsteps a little more closely…?

4 Leafshines on EU servers

Four. And one of them's me. In fact, the only one at the level cap is me.

So…people aren't inspired to follow in my footsteps? I'm not an inspirational tree? sniff Perhaps that's why Gnomer neglected me. He was trying to spare my aboreal feelings…

To balm my feelings, I did a Google for myself. And this blog is the top result for "leafshine". And all the other results are something to do with polishing plat leaves, which just seems weird to me. Stiil, whatever floats your boat.  And talking of boat-floating, this was at the bottom of the post:

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Someone penning some weird blogger slash fiction, maybe…?

  • Crap, you found out about my Matticus/Leafshine slash fiction! And here I thought I’d hidden it from Google…

  • Nyuuurgh.


    Must… cleanse… mind… of… images…

  • You do realise there are 57 “Shoeshine”s on the US servers.

    If only you were made of Tauren skin, rather than tree bark…

    You know, I went through my blogroll, you didn’t escape my attention, but it was getting to the point where it would have taken hours to put little screenshots in.

    So I beg the forgiveness of your leafiness!

    As for my Google relatives… it’s all about ME… as it should be of course 😉

  • I was a cow, back in the EU beta days…

    Nowadays, of course, I’m just a right cow. 😉

  • Truly, you are a unique snowflake. 😉