Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

So, I spend about half an hour griding that last point of Maces weapon skill and what happens? My bloomin' Achievement-grabbing screenshot addon messes up:

MasteratarmssortaStill, Master of Arms is mine, and well before it becomes a Feat of Strength, which is a relief, and one to cross off my pre-Cataclysm list. Hurrah.

Ulariathrashes However, it did remind me just how annoying weapon skill can be. For instance, my baby Pally Tank Ularia is going through her regular pre-expansion levelling burst, and I just equipped her with a Battleworn Thrash Blade, ready to do some random dungeons to learn tanking and push her towards Outlands.

The thing is – I'd never bothered learning any Sword skill on her. Cue 20 minutes of hitting somewhat easy mobs until I can actually use the sword with something like effectiveness. And I really don't see what that time added to anything. 

Sure, it's a time sink, but a dull and annoying one, and one that limits the potential diversity of weapon use. It was a trivial, annoying mechanic, and I'm please the Cataclysm is sweeping it away. 

  • califuberalles

    OMG, I’m 100% with you. I got the Tyranical Beheader on my pally and spend a ton of time skilling my weapon… ugh