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That's an image from the most enjoyable WoW-related blog post I've read in a long time. It's so lovely to find something like this nestled in the depths of my RSS reader, amongst the endless screeds of "guide to this" and "latest Beta analysis" posts. I don't have any objection to that sort of thing, but I do wish WoW blogging was a little more diverse sometimes.

Aaaaanyway, rant over. Go read the post.

So, I spend about half an hour griding that last point of Maces weapon skill and what happens? My bloomin' Achievement-grabbing screenshot addon messes up:

MasteratarmssortaStill, Master of Arms is mine, and well before it becomes a Feat of Strength, which is a relief, and one to cross off my pre-Cataclysm list. Hurrah.

Ulariathrashes However, it did remind me just how annoying weapon skill can be. For instance, my baby Pally Tank Ularia is going through her regular pre-expansion levelling burst, and I just equipped her with a Battleworn Thrash Blade, ready to do some random dungeons to learn tanking and push her towards Outlands.

The thing is – I'd never bothered learning any Sword skill on her. Cue 20 minutes of hitting somewhat easy mobs until I can actually use the sword with something like effectiveness. And I really don't see what that time added to anything. 

Sure, it's a time sink, but a dull and annoying one, and one that limits the potential diversity of weapon use. It was a trivial, annoying mechanic, and I'm please the Cataclysm is sweeping it away. 

I am annoyed. On the first day of Brewfest, I snagged the Pink Elekks on Parade quest, and finally got around to doing it (on two toons) over the last couple of days. However, I have hit a snag. It looks like this:

ElekksYes, a nice, clear completion question mark on the map, and it the quest log. Simple.

But when you go to the quest giver:

NoqueryNary a question mark to be seen. A bug, I assumed. But when it was still like that two days later, it was time to investigate. And what did I find? The quest has been hotfixed out in the EU

OK, I'm not going to rehearse last year's frustration that, for some reason, the EU is more squeamish about quests where you get drunk and abuse imaginary animals. That ship has sailed. But leaving a quest in by mistake, then hotfixing it out, while leaving it in people's logs, is just sloppy and annoying.

Blizzard left me happily doing a quest I could never complete. And that's a level of incompetance that I don't experience from them very often.

Poor show, Blizz, poor show. 

So, I remembered that it's Brewfest, which is my favourite world event. Which is good.

And then I thought about getting a guild group together for a Coren Direbrew run. And then I remembered you could go through the dungeon finder. Which is good.

And then I checked my very first goodie package from killing Coren.

BrewfastWhich is good. 

And that means I now have all the Brewfest Achievements, after bagging Brewmaster a while ago. 


Screen shot 2010-09-22 at 22.58.11

VerdictashenFinally, I'm back in Icecrown Citadel. The combination of a move and the summer bleeding away players mean that ravens raiding has been in abeyance for about five weeks, but last night was a good night. A pretty clear run through to Festergut, without any boss wipes, and only a single wipe on Rotface, who we dropped for only the second time.

I finally hit Exalted with the Ashen Verdict early in the run, which was nice. I'm hopeful that we'll extend the raid lock-out for next week, and build on the solid learning we did on Putricide. 

So, the short, heartless individual going by the moniker Gnomeageddon has a post up, seeing how many love children he and other prominent WoW bloggers have.


Still, I'm not a bitter tree, so I can move on from HIS CALLOUS and VICIOUS NEGLECT, and just do the damn research myself. So, let's see: how many Leafshines populate the US servers?

2 Leafshines on US Warcraft Servers

Two? TWO? And one of them isn't even a Druid? Awful.

Surely my EU compatriots will be following in my footsteps a little more closely…?

4 Leafshines on EU servers

Four. And one of them's me. In fact, the only one at the level cap is me.

So…people aren't inspired to follow in my footsteps? I'm not an inspirational tree? sniff Perhaps that's why Gnomer neglected me. He was trying to spare my aboreal feelings…

To balm my feelings, I did a Google for myself. And this blog is the top result for "leafshine". And all the other results are something to do with polishing plat leaves, which just seems weird to me. Stiil, whatever floats your boat.  And talking of boat-floating, this was at the bottom of the post:

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Someone penning some weird blogger slash fiction, maybe…?

I’ve been getting into the Google Reader swing, thanks to some neat iPad apps for feed reading. If you want to see what I’m sharing, you can follow me on Google Reader.

Prepare to be Edified*.

*Edification not guaranteed. Leafshine Enterprises PLC deny any responsibility for headaches, stomach aches, wipes, limb loss or decapitation that occur as a result of using their products. Your statutory rights are damn well affected.