Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

Now the Loremaster grind is done and dusted, I'm amusing myself with grabbing some of the simpler Achievements. For example, our ICC run was going bad this evening. We were running with two healers, and the other one kept disconnecting. People were dying, and I got brutalised by a Blood Beast, leaving me at sub-1% health. What choice did I have?

TriageAnd a quick post-raid glance at potential Achievments showed that I was on 399/400 for my unarmed skill. Easy:

KnuckleI takes the pre-Cataclysmic fun where I can.

Oh, and talking of Cataclysm, I answered the burning question I had about the expansion: Can you fly down from Darnassus to the sea?

Yes. Yes, you can. WIN.

  • Awesome — that’s the most fun way to get achievements like that, in my mind.

  • It’s certainly nice to be reminded that they can be small bits of fun, and not just great big bits of effort.