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Random PuGs for that daily Emblem of Frost goodness are pretty much easy these days. As long as you don’t see one of the three new Instances pop up, you’re fairly sure you’re in for some easy badges. (OK, maybe Occulus can still hurt).  But, when you see an ICC instance pop up on the loading screen, the heart tends to sink. It sinks even further when you get in, and you realise that you’re replacing a healer who bailed on the party.

Three out of my four last Random Heroics have been Pit of Saron.

One was great – a guild group from another server, taking a newbie tank though his first Pit run, and only lacking a healer. It went pretty well, and they were good fun to run with (or, at least, they laughed at my jokes, which is pretty much the same thing in my eyes…). The first was a half-way replacement, and I ended up bailing when we wiped repeatedly on the trash before the cave run.

Last night’s omens were not good. Both the healer and tank had bailed from the run, with one boss down. The new tank and I were somewhat trepidcious in our approach, but, barring a rather over-eager DPS pulling aggro twice (and dying – he got the message then), it went well. So well, in fact, that I got an achievement I’d assumed I’d have to wait for a guild group doing it repeatedly to get:

Win. 🙂

Idle thought: I wonder if Blizz will buff the drop rate on Battered Hilts before the next expansion – those things are still like gold-dust on our server, and I’d love to do the quest line.

Now the Loremaster grind is done and dusted, I'm amusing myself with grabbing some of the simpler Achievements. For example, our ICC run was going bad this evening. We were running with two healers, and the other one kept disconnecting. People were dying, and I got brutalised by a Blood Beast, leaving me at sub-1% health. What choice did I have?

TriageAnd a quick post-raid glance at potential Achievments showed that I was on 399/400 for my unarmed skill. Easy:

KnuckleI takes the pre-Cataclysmic fun where I can.

Oh, and talking of Cataclysm, I answered the burning question I had about the expansion: Can you fly down from Darnassus to the sea?

Yes. Yes, you can. WIN.