Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

4789970498_617652e519_b  Guys, do me a favour in future..?

Please try not to EXPLODE the INTERNETS with NERD RAGE when I'm on my holidays in future.

Ta, muchly.

(That's a pic from my holiday on the right. It was lovely)

(Leafy thoughts on the RealID issue forthcoming)

(I'm overusing these brackets, aren't I?)

  • Angelya

    Aw, but exploding was so much fun!

    (btw nice pic! Hope you’re all relaxed coz you’re going to need it)

  • Saresa

    There is no such thing as over use of brackets.
    (seriously. Brackets are awesome.)
    (I really mean it! They convey so much in tone and voice… wonderful little things, brackets)

    That photo makes me jealous, too.

  • Jaedia

    We can bring you some nerd rage if you like? There’s plenty of it!

  • Gnomeaggedon

    I was saving up piles of nerdrage for the weeks of battle that were to come… so if it’s in short supply after your holiday.. damn I’m jealous.. drop me a line and I will airfreight it to you.

  • Sephrenia

    Oooooh! That’s a Mirror dinghy! My Dad made one of those in a bedroom of our house when I was a teenager :) It is currently sitting in my back garden.