Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

So, it's possible that nearly one of you cares how my space goat pallie got on with the quest to hit 40 at the weekend?


I've finally let go of the "completist" approach to questing I had with Leafy – following quest chains to the very end and trying to clear out each zone before I move on. But that doesn't matter with an alt – I've done most of the stuff before – especially as Leafy is within a hair's breadth of being a Loremaster – and given heirlooms and levelling boosts since the days of classic WoW, I'm going to be skipping great chunks of the old world and Outlands anyway. In fact, doing Loremaster has taught me where I can find clusters of quests that can be done quickly and efficiently. And that, combined with Epic riding, meant this:  

 And then this:

Three levels in one day…? Inconceivable!

42 levels done. 38 to go. I think I might, finally, have got the hang of alt levelling… 

  • sara


    I have 4 80s and am working on a 5th and what I found works is to really tunnel vision on the experience bar. It’s exactly like you said, it’s easy to pump out the levels when you stop worrying about completing chains and that. 🙂