Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

 Go me:

The knowledge that Long, Strange Trip would have been there too, if I'd managed to work up the dedication to do School of Hard Knocks nearly takes the edge off it…

…but not quite.

Loving the two extra frost badges per day from Ahune, BTW.

  • I’m with ya…it’s like 2 free ones. Quick and easy and 20g to boot just for being adorable.

  • if only the pet would have a slightly higher drop chance.. :p I want the pet plz plz plz let it be in my satchel today…

    School of Hard Knocks was easy for me, get a tanking spec and set and complete it in under an hours… funny how many hordes you can ‘tank’ with a bit of skill and 50k+ hp

  • Congratulations!