Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

We've all seen with our own eyes how it looks on the servers and what has happened to our guilds and friends lists. Can they really be completely unaffected by this? For a couple of months over the summer – certainly. But I've got the feeling this has been going on for quite a while now.


You know, the odd thing here is that I do know what's happened to player numbers in our guild – they've gone up slightly, as a couple of people who have been out of circulation for months have rejoined.

Really, until Blizz starts publishing some numbers themselves, all we have is anecdote and guesstimate (even if some of that guessing is technologically driven) to go on, and that's really, really prone to selection bias.

Not arguing against anything Larisa's saying here – just raising a note of caution…

  • Not arguing with that. But I’m not just talking about my guild. I’m also looking at the decline of raiding on our realm – many, many guilds are disbanding/stopping. And I don’t see those players online running around in IF/Dal trying to arrange soemthing else to do. Dalaran is less laggy than it used to be. There’s some reason for it surely?

    Also look at the blogosphere. My impression is that many of those that are stopping blogging now not just are doing this because they lack stuff to blog about, but because they’re on a hiatus, playing other games or heading for rl. With Gevlon as the only exception I don’t see many reports about new projects or activities. But many, many write about how they’re struggling to maintain their guilds over this period…

    Of course it’s just guesses and speculations. I just wanted to point out that it’s not just based on my own guild.

    The fact that Blizzard don’t push out any numbers and haven’t done that for ages speaks very loudly to me though.

  • Understood, but not quite the point I was trying to make. Building an argument based on raiders and bloggers is prone to selection bias because they’re a subset of the overall gaming population (somewhat in the case of raiders, extremely so in the case of bloggers), one that does not reflect the average player. By their vary nature those who raid most often are the ones who are most likely to run out of content fastest and get bored soonest. Dalaran lag could be down because (a) the raiders aren’t hanging around there between raids,m for reasons discussed by both of us and (b) those who are still enjoying the game are off leveling alts, running randoms or working on Achievements – and that’s what I see my guildies doing.

    All that said, I do think Blizz are taking way too long between expansions and it will cost them badly if they don’t step up the pace. But I don’t buy a 50% drop in player numbers for one second. 50% amongst a certain sub-category? Sure. The player base as a whole? Nah.

  • Yeah, the WoW is in Pause mode. Cataclysm can Rock this Up again (gettin back people that left, in addition to those that are starting right now… yeah, have a bit).

    Anyway, have a nice new tool related to WoW on the web now, the – a site where you can calculate the value of your char.