Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

This is an almost unbearably exciting screenshot for me. This is Ularia, my space goat pallie, hitting 39, as she did about 20 minutes ago.

This weekend, she will be the first of my alts to reach 40 (bar the cheating Death Knight Boltcracker). My second toon to hit Epic Mount speed. These are exciting pre-expansion time for me.

You see, traditionally I fail as an altaholic. Leafy is pretty much all I play. The observant who followed the first link above will have noted that it has taken over two years for Ularia to gain 12 levels – and she's the fastest moving of my alts right now. But I am running out of things to do with Leaf. Loremaster is in sight, and I do like to fight my way, Boomkin style, through some old dungeons for the Classic Dungeon achievement. And I have stuff I want from Argent Tournament dailies. But these are activities with limited appeal, so the space goat is finally getting some play time again.

Anyone want to bet how high I get her before Cataclysm?

  • Wow… to use your uh, vernacular, you’re the most fail altoholic I’ve ever met! Of course I change alts like most people change underwear, but it’s nearly unfathomable that your your “fastest moving” alt only reached 39 just now, after two years. 🙂

    I’m glad you’re enjoying her! Paladins (and spacegoats!) are great fun.

  • well I have a diff story..

    lvl random class to about 70-75, get bored… get even more bored… send all the gold to my main and delete the toon for something else… relevel it a month later 😀

    happenend to my lock/paladin

    lvl 80 rogue will probably get deleted in CC and restart as worgen 🙂

    my main (Druid ofc) is much like yours the only char I play, I do respecc a lot and try something new but thats about as far as I get to trying a new playstyle.

  • Grats 🙂 Things do get a lot easier after 40 for a lot of classes, especially with a fast mount!

    I have trouble finding time for alts these days as well, but it’s nice to have them there for when I feel like playing something different. Occasionally when I do play an alt I feel like I’m neglecting my main, but not often.