Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

Can playing videogames train you as a lucid dreamer? Psychologist Jayne Gackenbach thinks so, according to work she presented at this week's Games for Health Conference in Boston. For several years, Gackenbach, a researcher at Grant MacEwan University, studied similarities in skills between gamers and individuals who have learned to control their dreams. She also looked at how videogame-play seemed to affect nightmares.


Interesting idea. It seems almost inescapable to me that spending so much of our time in simulated combat is having an effect. We're like a willing legion of volunteers in a vast psychological experiment…

  • Interesting. I never really have lucid dreams and I’m a lifelong gamer, but I DO regularly have Warcraft dreams!

  • Thanks for sharing that, kind of interesting.