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A bit off-topic, I admit, but I imagine there's enough roleplayers, LARPers and SCAers reading this to find the following trailer of interest. And I will admit to having dabbled in such things in my distant past…

Now, I'll admit that the sudden lurch into game talk made me laugh, but I'm fairly sure that the whole "they confuse games and reality" thrust of the plot would annoy the hell out of me. Thoughts?


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  • I saw The Wild Hunt at the Toronto Film Festival last year, it’s quite good. To say the plot is about confusing games and reality is very much an oversimplification. It’s more that the characters take what they do seriously and have personal relationships that span through both their real lives and the game. This causes emotions to run high and is the source of the conflict within the movie.

    I’d definitely say it’s worth a look.

  • Toby

    I’ve been thinking for a while that LRP needed some more bad publicity

  • Toby

    Stupid HTML stripped out my [sigh] at the end

  • Ooh, I hadn’t realised it was out – I’ll see if I can find it on / to rent / to buy anywhere…

  • It’s not on video yet, it was just released in a limited amount of theatres in Canada this month. Not sure when/if it will be out everywhere else.

  • Late May in the US, according to the official site:

    No mention of an UK date, though…

  • Saw this one ’bout thirty years ago, onlies were called Mazes & Monsters then and starred Tom Hanks, if’n ya can believify it. ‘Course, were a bit before Sleeples in Seattle and Saving Ryan’s Privates…

  • I’m about on par with you, Leafy. Though that said, if you’re going to do a thriller/horror type thing with the context, it’s about all you can do.

    The genres are a poor fit, I think. I’m not saying you have to do comedy with role-playing sub-cultures every time (which is the most common approach) but early on, this trailer looked like it would be a slightly comedic relationships drama set around LARPs, and that’d be cool. Like Chasing Amy with foam swords.