Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

This, I think, changes everything about buying mounts and pets in WoW:

Blizz StoreQueue time of 4 hours. Nearly 60,000 people queuing. And that's just Europe.

I don't think anyone believes that the queues are because of Lil'XT. These are all about the Celestial Steed

Presuming that everyone ahead of me in the queue is just buying a pony – that's €1,169,640 before I buy mine. That means £1,027,159 or $1,584,043. That's a late evening queue, hours after the goods launched, in one of many stores.

Blizzard has made millions today, on a virtual item, that costs them virtually nothing to distribute.

This is not going to be a one off. They'll be coming back to this table for second, third and fourth helpings.

I think World of Warcraft has just changed forever.

  • Triz

    I think it’s funny that there is only half stock left of the ponies 😀

  • How long before we can buy gold, d’you think?

  • Actually, I think this makes that less likely – if Blizz can make enough cash to fill their conference rooms with dollars and roll around in their fortune off mounts, why the hell would they risk the player base fallout of selling gold?

  • It’s tricky to keep those pixels in stock. 🙂

  • Dale

    It’s even longer now – 111730 ahead of me in the queue.


  • Toby

    My first thought was “LFM – must have uber kit – please link receipts”

    However, thinking about it, all this mount does is look pretty, and save you buying mounts for your characters. It doesn’t extend your character’s abilities.

    So I agree with Leafy – Bliz have sold a lot of sizzle which doesn’t actually change the game. If they can make so much money selling pretty things, why would they risk balance-damaging gold or items?

  • Toby

    Classic attempt to create a scarce good, in an attempt to justify the price. And it looks like people are biting. One born every few seconds it seems.

  • For those thinking there’s any “false scarcity”:

    WoW hasn’t “changed forever”. WoW really hasn’t changed in the slightest by this. They’ve stated repeatedly that they will continue to sell things which are nothing more than novelty (something that looks neat but doesn’t do anything that affects gameplay) or meta-game convenience (such as the ability to change the race of a character or transfer them to another faction, which has no significant bearing on how they play but lets you try different looks and different company).

    So far they’ve been holding pretty true to that promise, and I expect that they’ll continue to. They care a lot more about preserving the integrity and overall fun of WoW’s gameplay much more than they get credit for.

  • Actually, the more likely scenario is this. Most shopping cart software requires that you list the amount of stock you have. Most of them also have a maximum number you can put in. It is not likely they can put an infinite number as being ‘in stock’.

  • Heh, so reading Lansiron’s post below, I was close in my guess.

  • As long as they don’t start selling armor or XP then I am OK with this. Its not required for anything and mounts ingame arn’t actually very expensive on the whole. The expensive thing is the skill so you still have to work for that.

    Got my mount after a 2 hour queue. Have to say my druid and dk both look very silly on it. But my gnome mage looks great on it so i guess he has found his new mount.

  • If there is money to made, Blizzard (or Vivendi) will find a way to do it. After all, the millions hooked into the game (me included) are just ripe prospects for present and future business, right? I already pre-ordered Cataclym. So… yeah.

  • Its just funny. Yes I bought a star pony yesterday, but I wouldn’t tell many people about it. They just see me wasting money on a bunch of pixels. And technically I’d have to agree with them.Of course the entire game is a bunch of pixels, and every iphone app is just a bunch of pixels. Different perspective I guess.