Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

Ss2eckA pleasant surprise this one. I hadn't noticed the Eck residue on me on this random heroic, so the achievment made another game of HeroicRoulette seem more acceptable.

Ss3eldersThis one, on the other hand, I had been aiming for. This leaves me two achievements to get for Long, Strange Trip: one each for Children's Week and the Midsummer Fire Festival.

Ss4rocksAnother unexpected one on a random run. This was with a mad group of well-geared italians, who dragged me through heroic after heroic at relentless pace, while the tank tried ever more insane pulls. He only died twice. And there was a very helpful Crit Chicken who translated for me…

Ss5pugsSame group, about an hour and 3 heroics later. I shall paint my face with your Pug!

Ss6waterThis was a small recompense for a painful PuG. When I arrived, I was replacing a healer that had been kicked or had bailed. In any event, the instance reset as the shield dropped – the first time I've seen that happen in Violet Hold. Some DPS dropped, others arrived and we sailed through it on the second go, picking this up along the way.

And that was my Week In WoW in Achievements. 🙂