Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

Computer games aren’t the preserve of teenage boys any more — the face of gaming nowadays is feisty, foxy and female. And their online quests lead to real-life matches


I doubt anything here will be a surprise to anyone reading this blog – but it's still good to see it reported in a national paper.

Positive gaming stories FTW!

  • Sadly, the majority of the article is rather /facepalm worthy. Though it does present gaming “positively”, and has a few very much needed points (especially with regard to the sheer number of women gamers these days), it drags out the old “girls only game because they are tired of being bored/watching their boyfriends game/perpetually lonely” stereotypes, as well as just generally making me cringe with the insipid comments. The story opens with a woman playing a healer who games with her boyfriend (stereotype anyone?), and kind of goes downhill from there.

    I mean… “Facebook, but with dragons and swords.” Really? /eyeroll The game as a “dinner party, not a waste of time”? Not to mention the ever hilarious and always oh so true “girls make for drama in guilds”/”girls bring drama to WoW” shtick. (Oh but it’s totally OK, because those poor geeky gamer guys are totally forgiven for getting their “joysticks in a twist” about the fact that HOLY CRAP that other gamer is an ACTUAL GIRL.)

    As usual, the highlight of the piece is Felicia Day (who makes some really good points, and “normalizes” women gamers).

    Is it a start? Probably. Is there a long way to go? … yeah, there really, really is.

  • Riverwish

    ‘Girls who love playing World of Warcraft have learnt that the best way to silence their male critics is to beat them at their own game.’

    EPIC 🙂

    I met my partner through WoW, nobody believes me when I tell them. that was 3 years ago and we’re still going strong! 🙂

  • I enjoyed the article, but as Anna states it still borders on the cliche. Instead of continually saying “Girl gamers OMG!” when are people just going to accept that women are part of this world too?

    Thankfully, I’m in an industry where nobody thinks it’s unusual at all for women to play WoW. Everyone is on very equal footing. Hopefully, that’s going to be the norm before long.

    Lastly, I’m still amazed that people find it unusual that you can find friends and develop relationships online. Is this really news anymore?

    Thanks Leafy for the link.