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Fool for love
And another meta-achievement crossed off. Quite a bit of co-operation amongst the guild allowed the sharing of Love Fools and picnic baskets for maximum efficiency, as well as periods of farming Utgarde Keep for roses last weekend.

I ended up enjoying the holiday more than its previous iteration. It's significantly less random than the old version, and can be done in contained periods of playtime, which is good. That said, Blizz really gimped healers this time out. Running random dungeons and watching the tanks and DPS racking up Lucky Charms, while healers get zip – not very fair Blizz. Tying the spawn of the item to killing blows was always going to make things hard for the healers, especially once they nerfed all the easy ways of getting the charms.

Still, dual specs and AoE farming the converted heroes in Icecrown saw me through, and I'm glad it's done. I doubt I'll ever go through it all on another character, but I was glad I did it once. 

  • Kulat/Kriyet


    The maintenance where they nerfed the easy ways to get charms, they also changed the drop rules in groups so they dropped randomly to every member, not just by killing blows. I found that out the happy way on my tree in a random. So you might be more inclined to try it on a different healy toon next year.